What is the SneakerHead? Take you through SneakerHead's daily life


The Wall Street Journal has written a feature article about this culture. In the United States, the Sneakerhead culture is very popular, and there is even a special Sneaker Con, which gathers many sneakerheads across the United States.  
For example, new shoes should not have wrinkles and legs should not be bent when walking.  Always carry a handkerchief in the bag, so that the shoes dirty, even if clean;  There are also jokes about sneaker getting his girlfriend to step on his new shoes and kick him out of the way. These are some of the jokes, but sneaker is a sneaker. If you happen to be interested in sneaker shoes, then follow me to explore the world of sneaker enthusiasts. 


1. Sneakerhead  


Sneakerhead is a combination word, sneaker refers to rubber soles, and sneakerhead refers to a person who has a head full of shoes, that is, a person who loves sneakers, a person who loves sneakerhead culture. This combination word has also been derived into the fashion circle, many big stars are also sneakerhead  

2. [Sneakerhead's Daily life]  


SneakerHeads daily life, of course, more is revolved around sneakers, from various websites or sneakers APP to notice when it release date, sneakers assessment and interpretation, the history of sneakers, etc., so as to improve their professional sneaker acknowledge , SneakerHead can analysis most of the sneakers identify if they are worth to buy or not.Even if some of them can't afford it now, they are still itching to click on it and have a look at it, hoping to take it home one day.  In addition, SneakerHeads like to post their sneakers picture on social media when they got new sneaker, show off their "trophy", and then carefully put them on feet, go out to walk around.

3. The popularity of basketball shoes in the SneakerHead culture  


Sneakers here besides daily wear casual shoes, moreover is a basketball shoes, basketball shoes appear initially just to designed for basketball players to protect the foot , in order to protect the ankle, increase the wrap. The design of basketball shoes are much bigger then sneaker, not easy match up with clothes,so it does not fit in SneakerHead culture until nowadays.Jordan rise up in SneakerHead culture,every sneakeraddict to them.As a result the prices of jordan rise up into a highly unworthy prices.

4. [Daily maintenance of sneakers]  


Sneaker maintenance is a top priority for a sneaker fan, in the heart of the sneaker fan, dirt shoes have to be dealt with immediately, otherwise it will break their heart.I had a friend who is addicted to sneaker.As soon as he get back home,he has to clean his sneaker right away,dry them and put them back into the box.  


Nowaday, catch up fashion become popular. You can not only learn fashion on fashion show,but also online.Such as Instagram,facebook,tiktok etc.,People showing their fashion style their passion about sneakers.SneakerHead culture are growing significan