Replica sneaker the grown business in China


Putian is a well-known marketing place in replica sneaker history. All the replica sneaker trade starts from here. Back in the ’90s, World famous brands such as Nike and Adidas had built several big manufacturers in Putian. The reason why they built factories in China is that back in the ’90s, the population of China reach a significantly high level. This means the workers are cheap, especially for the manufacture like Nike and Adidas, 80% of the shoes are made by machine, but the rest of 20% needs a lot of man works. After a decade, the Chinese economy had grown to a new level, lots of people are not satisfied just work for their boss. They want to have their own business. People quit their job, and rent a small place to started their business. Back on that day, Nike started growing the business in Nike has cooperated with some of the no-brand manufacturers in Putian due to up growing business(Jordan Hype). Insufficient works and management, so Nike had made some contacts with local factories just like what they did when Nike started their business(Nike did not have their own manufacture when started business, they just design shoes and let Japanese companies make them).

                                                Sneakers are rubber sole shoes, that make by layers, Companies like Nike separated the work into different factories, and assemble them as final work

     After several years, Nike had found out some of the countries that have lower-paid workers, such as Vietnam. Nike moved their factory to Vietnam, but still had contracts with Chinese factories. Chinese factories were not happy about the number of orders that Nike is given, so they started their own business. After these factories started their own business, they found out some difficulties. When they work for Nike they are not involved in designing and selling, they did not know how to establish their own brand like Nike. So they decided to replica the shoes that they have made before. After the replica business is started, Anfu(wholesale mallbecome the place where factories selling their replica sneakers. Replica sneaker is not a legit business, so Anfu become a place that was opening after day time. If you go to Putian, you will find out that during the daytime it's hard to see people working on the street. But when it turns to night time, all the trucks and people coming out for nowhere, transporting boxfuls and boxful of sneakers.


Anfu a well-known replica sneaker bazaar(during the day times, it all empty, but when it turning to nighttime, people are jumping out from nowhere)

     In the 2010s, is when I start to buy replica sneakers. Back on that day, I was a high school kid and I did have not enough budget for Nike shoes (over 100bucks). So, I paid 35 bucks for a nice pair of replica, which is probably a medium version nowadays. I feel satisfied with what I got. Replica sneakers had grown during the 10s in China. The most ordinary family have improved their daily life, online shopping becomes popular in China. Chinese parents were still in the progress of accepting the prices of over 100 dollars sneakers, in their opinion, Sneaker makes no difference between  30 dollars and 100 dollars. As replica sneaker marketing has grown, more and more factories start to make replicas, because they can make more money than making it for Nike. Mr.Wand, the owner of the Wang factory, said Nike used to pay 3-5 dollars to process a pair of shoes, but we can profit over 10 dollars for making a replica sneaker.


Start getting a bit crazy at night in Anfu

     In 2016, a new occupation was found related to sneakers, the resaler. Nike has started a new way of promoting their shoes, they design and release new sneakers as jointly-designed, limited edition, celebrity charm has push replica sneakers to another level. When an off-white x Nike is released, the price can be 10 times higher on resale sneaker apps. More and more people have involved in replica sneakers because they believe sneakers are going to the ground, It is not worth buying a pair of sneakers that is overpriced. Replica sneaker becomes more acceptable for people as long as the sellers tell them they are replica or fake.

     Since 2020, the Chinese governments policy-making took the replica sneaker business into an endangered future. Many factories shutting down and carriers getting coped by police, replica sneaker sellers try to find another way out. It is hard to tell will the replica sneaker business completely disappear in China. Enjoy the replica sneaker for the rest of the time, hopefully, Nike company will stop this kind of advertising that is not very nice to those people who are not going to spend thousands of dollars on a sneaker that goes to the ground.