What is the best replica sneaker batch?


 This blog is my personal replica sneaker experience sharing, not to educate people. As a native person from where all these replica sneakers are made, I am here to discuss the replica sneaker batches. There are several batches known by the replica sneaker community, such as LJR,G5,OWF,OG,H12,GET,PK,BC,Etc., Factory is usually anonymous, people named the factory by batches. Each batch has its greatest work. LJR, the name was come from owner of the factorys name initial, have great quality air jordan1 and yeezy. PK, the perfect kicks, was known for their off-white sneaker. OG like its name probably has the longest history of replica sneaker manufacturing. I did some research about the replica sneaker community, I found rare information about the replica sneaker tiers. Here are four tiers of replica sneakers (they are five-tier actually, but I would like to make them four)

 Tier 1:fake(poor quality or defective products from A product)

 Tier 2:A product(where you can buy them from DHgate)

 Tier 3:Real tag or Company(I put these two-tier together because they make no difference for me. Also this tier is a little tricky, people might pay to overprice for this tier)

Tier 4:Pure (material are original, top quality)

I personally like to pick sneakers by tier, not by batches, here are my reasons why I like to pick by tier.

1. Factory is not able to produce all types of sneakers, ALL the factories are hidden in a small town nearby Putian. Because lack of workers and the high cost to make a new series of sneakers, factories are focus on a few sneakers like off-white,sb dunk, air jordan. Sometimes the batch does have the sneaker that you want it.

2. Factory rate the tier them by themselves. Unlike batches, factories rate them to tier, so buyers or middlemen can understand the quality of the sneakers and the prices.

3. One factory may produce different tiers of sneakers depend on the marketing. OG factory may have Real tag sneakers or Pure sneakers, in some conditions, factories are not able to buy original material to make the sneakers, so it's a Real tag, not Pure tier. (Thats why the real tag is a little tricky)

        Overall, If you are a beginner of replica sneakers, I strongly recommend you go to Reddit or the community, this will really save you time and money. No matter the tiers or the batches, a trusted seller is a top priority. For those buyers that already have trust sellers, you can try out ask them for the tier. For those who haven't had trust sellers, try to ask people that already have trust sellers, I'm sure they are willingly sharing it with you. If you think this blog is helpful, share it with your replica sneaker friends. If you want to buy sneakers on our site, don't forget to use code:repsgodzilla.